This year's Produce Show will be held on
August Bank Holiday Monday 27th August 2018




The Towcester Produce Show

Cups and trophies presented at the show each year

Kingston cup - Best sweet peas
Challenge shield - Gladioli one stem
Towcester cup - Most points in the fruit and veg classes
Challenge cup - Best newcomer
Stuart Allen cup - Best collection of veg
President's cup - Most points in the flower classes
Paynes cup - Most points in the veg classes
Albert Maycock cup - Best rose
Judges cup - Judge's choice of best veg in show
Arthur Mason cup - Handicrafts
T E England - Best cake
WI Shield - Home produce
V Baker cup - Most points in childrens classes

Rules and Information

  1. The Committee reserves the absolute right to vary the composition of any Section of the Show, to decline any entry and to cancel any class, sideshow or competition organised by or on behalf of the Society, owing to wet weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.

  2. Except where otherwise stated the exhibitor must have grown all plants, flowers, vegetables or fruit in their own garden/allotment.

  3. Exhibitors must arrange and stage their own exhibits.

  4. The Judges shall have power to withhold any prize for which they do not consider the exhibits of sufficient merit.

  5. All protests and objections must be lodged with the Secretary, in writing, (with a deposit of £1.00) before 4.00 p.m. on the day of the Show. Should the Committee consider the protest to be frivolous, the deposit shall be forfeited.

  6. All exhibits to be staged between 9.00am and 11.00 a.m. on the day of the Show, when the hall will be cleared of all persons except those officially engaged, ready for the Judges to commence their duties. The hall will be re-opened at 1.00 p.m. provided all Judging has been completed.

  7. Presentations will be made at 3.30pm. No exhibit is to be removed before 4.00p.m. Exhibitors may remove the exhibits which they wish to retain at this time. Any exhibits remaining after 4.30p.m. will be sold

  8. All exhibits, personal property etc., shall be at the risk of the exhibitors. The Society shall not be held liable for compensation or loss or damage from any cause whatsoever. Should the Show, for any cause, not be held no exhibitor shall have any claim on the Society.

  9. Exhibitors may not show more that one exhibit in any class unless a separate entry fee has been paid for each exhibit.

  10. Exhibitors must supply their own vases and bowls, except where otherwise stated.

  11. The Committee reserve the right to visit, before or after the Show, gardens of competitors from whom entries are received.

  12. The Show will be conducted in accordance with the rules and standards contained in the R.H.S. Horticultural Show Handbook, except where, under this schedule they do not apply.

  13. Prize money cannot be claimed after the Show date.

  14. Surplus income from the show will be divided between the Towcester Allotment Association and Towcester Mencap Gateway Club.

Note: Extract from the Society's rules:
All challenge cups and trophies, the property of the Society, shall be returned to the Main Show Secretary in the same condition in which they were received, one month before the date of the Annual Show